Profile of Dr. Kumaran Rajaram,

Founder, Research Lab for Learning Innovation

and Culture of Learning

Dr. Rajaram is an experienced Practitioner in Business Management, Entrepreneur in Learning innovations and Organisational Science and a research fellow who specializes in Learning Analytics and internationalization of Business Education. He is also a learning coach and consultation to large multi-national corporations, small medium enterprise, non-profit organisations and higher education Institutions and Universities. He earned his PhD with Distinction from University of South Australia in Business and Management (minoring in Business education). Dr. Rajaram is a Course Director and Senior Lecturer with Division of Strategy, Management & Organisation, Nanyang Business School, where he lectures, leads a team of senior instructors and is responsible for the curriculum and learning design for the courses of Management Princciples, Skills, and Competencies and Fundamentals of management.

Dr. Rajaram has over 18 years of corporate experience in organisational change, innovation, business development, and strategic management and lecturing experience of more than ten years in higher education. He has headed a regional business management and education consultancy and has served as the Director of Academic Affairs and Business Development for a higher education institution where he championed evolving issues on internationalisation and change strategies.

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